Print Advertising Trends for the New Year

In a digital world, combining print with your advertising campaign is a great way to grab your consumer’s attention. As digital advertising continues to skyrocket, traditional print advertising will be your way to stand out amongst the crowd. Thankfully, Buzz Creative is here with our, “New Year, New Print Advertising Trends,” to keep you up to speed on all of the latest print advertising trends heading into 2019.

The Power of a Good Layout

Across all forms of print advertising, it starts with the layout of the ad. A great layout is absolutely crucial in catching your reader’s attention and appealing to their wants and needs. When planning your layout, always remember to keep it as clean and concise as possible. Avoiding clutter by using one large, vibrant photo accompanied by short and simple text is the best way to get your point across.

Importance of Font

An effective layout that naturally flows makes it easy for your viewers to read and understand what your campaign is all about. An essential element in making your ad naturally flow is your choice in font. It is very important for your photo and font to complement each other, and there is nothing worse than having an illegible font that is difficult for the viewer to read. When choosing a font, make sure you find the cleanest and clearest font for your advertisement.

Focus on Flow

As mentioned in, “The Power of a Good Layout,” your advertisement should include only one, large photo. This photo should generally take up roughly 65-75% of the total ad space. Keep in mind that most of the world reads from left to right, and top to bottom, so it’s best to place your photo in the middle of the ad. Since your text should be short and concise, it should only take up approximately 10% of your overall ad space. Aside from the photo and text, the only other element to the ad should be your company logo, placed at the corner of the page.  

By following our guidelines of essential print advertising trends, you can feel confident in your advertising moving into 2019. For any assistance with your print advertising needs, please feel free to give Buzz Creative a call today at 563.258.7800!


Abby Juergens