Compelling Collaboration

At the Buzz Barn, our doors are always open. Our office space is transparent, airy, yet inviting. Peak collaborative performance occurs when the hive works together. Each busy bee has their own creative gift, bringing new and unique perspectives to every brainstorm session.

Every BEE is valued. 

As an artist, it is important to keep the creative juices flowing, so we only call for a groupthink when an artist is in need of new inspiration or there is a new project at hand. Our brainstorm sessions bring new views, ideas, and techniques when trying to create something special for our clients. When we host one of these meetings, artists not even involved in the project or property will still be in attendance in order to provide fresh and diverse insight.

We also understand the importance of keeping the team ‘in the know’. Our team is always aware of any changes with clients or properties, this communication is shared during weekly meetings. The reason for this is to have a better understanding of the situation and/or change, and to ensure that we are fully prepared for anything that may stem of it down the road. 

A Welcoming Workspace - The Innovative Barn.

Our open workspace makes it natural for our team to talk to one another and bounce ideas off of each other. We understand that stress also plays a great role in quality of work, so we ensure that each member is comfortable with their workload. If one team member is overloaded, we all step in to help.

Here at the Innovative Barn, we welcome brain-breaks, meditation, and refreshing walks down the country road in order to clear the mind of any stress and tension.

Abby Juergens