What’s all the Buzz about? 

A brilliant bunch in a barn; The Buzz Creative Group can be found on the countryside of Iowa, where the fresh air brings fresh creative minds to work every day. 

Similar to Iowa farms, where it takes many hands, the Buzz team works hard to generate and produce amazing homegrown creations.  We work directly with our client partners to help reach their advertising goals.  We take pride in helping our clients through advertising, branding, strategic messaging, savvy digital ideas and MORE! 

Who we are and why we are so different?

Casino marketing is our bread and butter.  With more than 10 years of casino agency experience under our belt, we are proud to say we understand the business.  We are a team of industry leaders in gaming, hospitality, destination and tourism advertising.  We understand the need for fast turn around and the importance of messaging for each project. You have direct contact with the designers and our leadership team when partnering with Buzz. 

What makes us the Queen Bee?

Purposeful Advertising: Identify your target audience + build a brand voice design strategy = success [and who says creative folks aren’t good at math?]

Speedy: We pride ourselves on turning around effective creative quickly.  We understand deadlines can be tight as well as the value of promotions in the casino world. 

Resources Galore:  We have many buddies in our Hive that provide a variety of resources for our partners.  Two of our sister companies are Buzz Analytics and Buzz Entertainment.  

Key Partners: Just as the bee needs the flower, we need you. We strive to build everlasting partnerships in order to consistently hit goals in a timely and efficient manner. 

Well-Rounded Intelligence: Raised in entertainment and hospitality marketing, we’ve learned from the best.  We also want to learn from you. By working alongside your marketing team, we build insightful advertising with a targeted message.  

Brand Scientists: We offer brand evaluation, target market studies of competitive analysis, strategic direction and internal/external band execution.  

We’d love to listen to your story. 
Call 563.258.7800 or email Lauren@thebuzzcompanies.com

Abby Juergens